Wellington Childcare

When we started WWGSD, we committed to removing as many barriers to women’s participation in events as possible. Since women are frequently the primary (or even sole) caregivers for children, the need to arrange childcare adds an unseen cost to attending events. For many women, even attending a ‘free’ weeknight talk means organising a babysitter in advance and budgeting for that expense. Multi-day, offsite events require even more work and money to attend. 

That’s why we offer free childcare for all attendees. 

That’s right, free. Frankly, women spend enough time getting paid less to do more work as it is, and it’s way past time that changed.

WWGSD childcare provides:

  • Accommodation at the venue close to other parents and children 
  • Food according to dietary requirements
  • Care of your children from 8am - 8pm 
  • Games and activities catered to the age of attending children.

All at no additional cost.

You can expect from us:

  • Questions regarding your child’s dietary and medical needs, and daily schedule and sleep preferences
  • An advance copy of the weekend childcare schedule so you and your kid(s) know what to expect
  • Ongoing communication and direct contact with Emily Tasker, our lead childcare provider.

All our team have St John’s First Aid Certificates, Plunket certificates, and experience with children from newborn to 14 years (experienced gained as babysitters, nannies, education providers, and event organisers). 

Some comments from parents of our past event with child care:

“This was the most child-friendly event I have ever attended.”
“The Childcare was AMAZING”
“Childcare was so amazing.  Thank you!”
“The care was such a high standard that I would definitely choose it over not coming…”
We even heard stories of a toddler waking up at 4am ready to go back to child care.

Our childcare team



Emily is our childcare lead extraordinaire! With seven years of experience working with newborns to toddlers, and having led childcare teams at Wellington and Christchurch WWGSD, she understands what is needed to keep your child happy, healthy, and engaged. As a pilot, scuba diver, lover of slime, dreamer, and doer, Emily craves adventure and the ability to turn dreams into reality. Day to day she works as a researcher, explores weather modification, and takes the youngest generation out for adventures. 


TSmart/ kind/ caring. Chloe is a Psychology and Geography whiz who loves spending all her spare time surrounded by children… she calls it her ‘time off.’ She is an experienced babysitter and runs an afterschool programme in Canterbury, where she enjoys slime wars, twister, and orienteering. Chloe was part of the original childcare team for WWGSD and is determined to make each event the best one yet!


Sophie is a proud Cantabrian. As the Founder and Managing Director of So Keen Productions, she is actively driving the cultivation of performance and musical theatre across the city. With a Bachelor of Performing Arts and a number of performance credits, Sophie has played key roles in the musical Ragtime, The Collective, The Striker, Badjelly The Witch and The Cat in The Hat. We are super excited to bring Sophie onboard as we tie in the opportunity to learn theatre skills from one of the best. In her spare time, Sophie enjoys a surf on Sumner beach, making/baking earrings, and a coffee or three.