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Register your interest to attend WWGSD Wellington 2019

22 - 24 March 2019

Silverstream Retreat, Wellington

Note the change of date - we have postponed in order to give you (and us!) more time to plan and organise.

Attendance at weekend events is capped at 100 people to allow attendees the time and space they need to build meaningful connections with one another (also, it's all we can comfortably fit in the venue!). To help us ensure a diverse range of attendees, we run a registration of interest and selection process for our weekend events. This allows us to shoulder tap people from underrepresented age groups, ethnicities, and life experiences. If you are not selected, it is not a reflection on you or the awesome shit you get done, and we'd encourage you to apply again for a future event. 

Complete the form below to register your interest to attend WWGSD Wellington (22- 24 March 2019). Registrations close mid November. We will notify selected and waitlisted attendees in the last week of November. 

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How old are you? *
Select your age range. If you have a birthday coming up before the event, select the age you will be on 5 October.
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What ethnicity do you most identify with? You can choose more than one.
What will you bring to the event, and what do you hope to learn?
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This could be a WWGSD or other unconference.
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If you attend WWGSD, what kind of accomodation do you need? *
Accomodation is generally two people to a room, with shared gender-neutral bathrooms. Some single rooms are available. Priority will be given to those needing a single for medical reasons, and any remaining singles can be booked for an additional cost. If you are bringing your kids, they will stay with you.
If you need a single room for medical reasons, please tell us a bit more about your requirements so we can accomodate them. If you have any other accommodation preferences, please add them here.
Will you require childcare to attend WWGSD? *
Kids are welcome at WWGSD! Free childcare is available for all attendees, and meals and accomodation for kids are included in the ticket price. If you're bringing your kids (or might be), please let us know their ages so we can plan accordingly.
If you are bringing your kids (or if there's a chance you might), please let us know how many, their ages, and anything else we should know. If you're selected to attend WWGSD, our childcare team will be in touch before the event to learn more about your kids' interests, routines, and needs.
Do you have any accessibility requirements? *
Let us know what would make it easier for you to attend WWGSD.
If selected, would you require financial assistance to attend WWGSD? *
WWGSD tickets are $375. Payment plans are available. We are committed to ensuring that at least 20% of our attendees receive scholarships.
Terms & Conditions *
I understand that applying for WWGSD does not automatically mean I will be attending. I agree to abide by the code of conduct if selected to attend.