What’s an unconference?

At an unconference there's no pre-set agenda. The plan for each weekend will be built by our group of women on the first night and sessions will be run informally based on what we want to share, discuss and learn. It's all about your interests and experiences.

Learn about how an unconference works and what to expect if you host a session.

Upcoming Events

Registrations for our third event for 2017, Wellington WWGSD, have closed.

*Watch this space for our Unconference line up for 2018*

How much does it cost?

Each weekend will typically cost between $250-$375, including meals and accommodation.

20% of attendees attend on scholarships to ensure participation is not limited only to those who can afford it. This can either cover the cost of the ticket, travel, or both. We get sponsorship to enable this, and some attendees choose to pay more than the ticket price to support others.

We provide full childcare on site (for all ages), and we love for you to bring your children. There is no additional cost for this service. This inspires us.

If you or someone you know want to help bring ticket prices down, let us know or find out more about sponsorship here.

Maybe I’m not quite what you’re looking for…

Stop right there! We want to bring together a diverse and inclusive group of women from across Aotearoa.

You don’t need to be a founder, CEO or celebrity; we’re looking for women making shit happen in their corner of the world. From public service to media, the arts to nonprofits and social enterprises, tech startups to established corporates, and everything in between. If you’re getting shit done, then we want to hear from you.

Remember: You have experience to share. You can solve problems. You may have ideas in need of co-conspirators. You’re awesome.

Past Events

 Photo Cred: Erica Austin from Peanut Productions

Photo Cred: Erica Austin from Peanut Productions

WWGSD 2016

In June 2016, Women Who Get Shit Done (WWGSD) got a group of 110 women founders, supporters, & doers (and their kids) together to focus on peer-learning, solving problems, and growing a support network of women doing leadership differently in Aotearoa.

Everyone from CEOs to students to law firm partners to social sector advocates came. We asked them to rate it (of course, we're numbers nerds) and the result: 4.7/5.


WWGSD Christchurch 2017

Our first event for 2017 was hosted in February just outside of Christchurch. We had over 100 women and almost 20 kids. The agenda built on the first night covered everything from cheese, to slam poetry, to tips on how to get elected in a local body election. 

WWGSD Bay of Plenty 2017

Our second event for 2017 was hosted in June at Waihi Beach. We had over 100 women and over 20 kids. Our attendees covered everything from motherhood to life without kids, social enterprise to STD's, and what we want the Future of NZ to look like. 


What people have said about the event

Our attendees wrote about the event, both in our review and their own platforms:    

Refund Policy

The WWGSD organisers are a group of volunteers. The event is not designed to make a profit - we’re organised to break even on costs.

To ensure this happens we have put into place a cancellation and refund policy. We have a number of costs we have to meet, including venue and food costs, that do not change if an attendee doesn't turn up.

Our cancellation and refund policy is:

  • If you cancel your ticket giving us 3 weeks or more notice then we will refund you in full.

  • If you cancel your ticket giving us two weeks notice we will refund 50% of the ticket price.

  • If you cancel your ticket within two weeks we will not refund the price of the ticket.

If you require a cancellation please contact our team on tauranga+cancellations@wwgsd.nz.