Bay of Plenty 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What:   Women Who Get Shit Done Unconference - Bay of Plenty

When: 4pm Friday 16 June - 2pm Sunday 18 June (welcome to arrive from 2pm Fri)

Where: Waihi Beach Camp, 48-66 Seaforth Road, Waihi Beach (40 mins from Tauranga)

Where and when is the event again?

The event will be held at the Waihi Beach Camp from 16-18 June 2017.  It’s a cool camp / holiday park just two mins from the beach at Waihi Beach, a very cool little beach town 40 mins from Tauranga.

When does the event start and stop?

Formalities start Friday at 5pm (please try to be there by 4pm), and the event will end at 2pm on Sunday. If you are bringing your child/ren with you, you are welcome to arrive any time from 2pm and meet the childcare team and settle in.

If you are going to arrive after 5pm on Friday, please let us know.

What happens if I want to arrive earlier or leave later?

We will have people on site and activities from 2pm on the Friday, so you are more than welcome to come along and check in early before checking out some of the local scenery (Waihi Beach has great cafes and shops) before the event starts.

Our childcare team will be available from 2pm Friday onwards for people to introduce their kids and get to know the team.

Please let us know if you need to leave before 2pm on Sunday.  If you need to leave a bit later than 2pm on Sunday, no problem, the organising team will be there packing up for a while.

What is the accommodation like?

This is very much like camps you will have experienced when you were at school, it’s pretty basic but perfect for our purposes. We are doing everything we can to ensure we’re all comfortable and cosy and happy as clams.

Will I get a single room?

There is a mix of accommodation from shared dorms, twin rooms and some single rooms - but the vast majority is shared. So unless you have a medical condition, or are willing to pay extra for a single room, it is likely you’ll be in a dorm (as will the organisers!). 

What is the food like?

All meals are included in the ticket price and are being catered by an iconic local cafe Meals will be buffet style and we will do our best to cater for all dietary requirements that we have advance notice of from your registration forms.   

Can I bring my own food/snacks?

Absolutely -  although please be mindful of others at all time, and consider any noise or mess that may result.

Can I bring food to share?

Of course! Contributions to morning and afternoon tea are always welcome. 

Can you help me get a ride or organise transport?

We love pooling resources, and it’s a really great way to make connections.  In the registration form we have asked specific questions re: transport. We will do our best to connect you. Also the Facebook group (you will be invited to this once you have confirmed your attendance) will be a great forum to connect directly with others. 

Will there be WIFI available?

There is Zenbu wifi available throughout the camp at 1c / MB.

How does the programme and scheduling work?

Don’t worry, there’s structure to an Unconference! We have a full schedule of the weekend here in a PDF. Please note that the sessions will be created during the event and we have more details about how to design the programme below.

Why only 100 women and why do we all stay on site?

It takes time to build strong connections, and often it’s the time in between ‘sessions’ that the real connections happen.  The more time we spend together the stronger the connections.  We want you to leave feeling like you have had time to get to know each other and create relationships that will last beyond the event.

What support is available during the event?

We are aware that a full weekend event can be tiring, and possibly bring up emotions for some people.  We have a counsellor on hand at all times, and numerous quiet spaces for those who need to recharge.  We are committed to catering for any special requirements - so please ensure you mentioned them in your registration form.  If not, contact us direct at  

What is a Whānau Leader?

At the event you will be assigned to a group of about 15-20 women, and this will become your ‘home group’ who you will check in with over the weekend, ask questions and have a laugh.  Your whānau leader has been to an WWGSD unconference before so will be able to answer all your questions and be your first point of call when you need something.

What happens if I want to leave the site or event?

We’re not going to tell you you can’t leave!  If you’re not feeling the vibe and/or want to leave for personal reasons, we encourage you to talk to your whānau leader or one of the organisers to help decide the best course of action.

If you do need to go off site from the venue, please let one of our team know before leaving. This is for emergency reasons and ensures we’re not looking for someone who may have left the venue.

What if I want some time out?

We know it can feel overwhelming with 100 women in one space! We will have time out caravans and chill-out spaces available We will have a counsellor to talk to and of course your whānau leaders are there to support you.  

What is the policy on filming or photography at the event?
We respect your privacy and are committed to making this a safe and comfortable environment. We will have an official photographer and videography onsite, and they will be operating in a considerate way at all times. If you are not comfortable being included in these please let us know. All crew have been briefed to take attendee privacy concerns very seriously.

Please be incredibly mindful of any photos or videos you take and/or post on social media. Please be considerate to the context and environment that you are recording / photographing and do not post or publish material that identifies others without their express permission.

What is Chatham House Rules?
The world-famous Chatham House Rule essentially provides anonymity to the speakers to encourage openness and the sharing of information. A quick overview of Chatham House rules is that you can repeat a discussion you had about general themes and scenarios but cannot credit or provide names of people involved or who you heard it from. See more at:

Who else is coming? How do I connect?
When you confirm your scholarship or pay your ticket, you will be invited to the WWGSD - BOP Facebook group.  This is a closed group but is a way to connect with people before the event. We are all for strengthening connections, before, during and after WWGSD.

We love social media however this is a unique weekend where you get to meet amazing women for a weekend. We ask that you respect others and practice active listening, but feel free to pop up some great quotes or insights you found during the weekend. Our hashtag is #wwgsdnz

How does an Unconference actually work?
Again, there is no forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do.  But on Friday, after whānau groups and introduction, we start putting together our session agenda.  We start with people who want to, talking to the group about what session they are going to hold, so you get an idea.  If there are other people who want to hold a similar session, this will be done together.

Then the agenda will be put up for all to see, and you decide which sessions to go to.  We will leave blank spaces for topical topics that come up, so don’t stress if you don’t put a session forward on the first night. Be aware as well the agenda can move around. It’s best to check in at the agenda board before heading off to sessions to ensure you’re in the right session.

This event is all about you! You get to go to whatever session you want. If a session is not doing it for you, you can leave and go to another session. Our one rule however is that you turn up to your own session that you said you would facilitate :)

What happens if no one comes to my session?
It may happen, but to be honest it hasn’t happened yet. If it does one of us will be with you and we can just slink into another group.  And the number of attendees doesn’t mean success, some of the best sessions are when 2-6 people really give a shit about something and move it forward and get time to really talk about it.

How do I present my idea for a session?
Think about why the topic/issue is it important to you. Why do you think it’s important for others to know, think about or discuss this topic?

Also think about the best way to run your session. Is it a mini-workshop, a discussion circle, and 5 min talk + Q&A etc? There are no rules and there will be people on hand to help bounce ideas and facilitate if you need. But thinking ahead of creative ways to do this will help bring your session alive.

Do I have to speak or run a session?
Not at all – and we understand not everybody is an extrovert or likes being at the front of the room, or even speaking in large groups. However you’ve been selected to attend because you’re an amazing woman with a unique and worthy voice.  We are working to make the WWGSD environment as safe and welcoming as possible. Be as brave as you feel you want to be on the day – you may be surprised.

On-site support
We work really hard to ensure this event is safe, welcoming and supportive. There will be times when you may feel overwhelmed and need to step away – or even need to have a chat. When you arrive you will be allocated into a Whanau group with a leader who has both been to a WWGSD unconference before and she will be available to you throughout the weekend. We will be having one, if not two, dedicated and trained counsellors / psychologists on site for drop-in sessions. Also we will have a number of quiet spaces and chill out zones.  

Can I promote my business, group, issue, blog etc with the group?
If you want to share your details we will create a list that will be mailed to all attendees after the unconference. Email us at

Swag and other goodies
We are keen to have some fun swag. If you or you know of any businesses that would be keen to give some to 100 awesome women, let us know.  We’ll do our best to promo them in a fun way.

Accessibility issues and/or special needs
We ask this in the registration form but if you have ANY specials needs, it is our pleasure to accommodate them to the very best of our ability. Just let us know.

Will there be a bus to take people to the event?

Most people told us on their registration forms that they are driving to the event and would be willing to take others, which is great. Therefore we’ve decided not to provide a bus as car pooling makes a lot more sense, both logistically and environmentally.

How can I organise ride sharing?

If you would like to organise a ride-share with others, you can use this spreadsheet to do it - easy peasy.

Will there be alcohol at the event?

We will not be supplying alcohol at the event and you will not be able to buy any at the venue, but you are very welcome to BYO.  As per our code of conduct this is purely for the social occasions and we will not tolerate drunken behaviour. We will have numerous exciting alcohol-free options and coffee, tea and water (still and sparkling!). 

What do I need to pack?

  • Towels are provided on site

  • Linen and a towel is provided per bed, but not duvets or pillows. If you are able to bring your own pillow and/or duvet or sleeping please do so. If you are travelling from out of town and this will be problematic, please let us know and we will have some back-up bedding available, no problem.

  • Wear comfy clothes! It is winter and may be colder than usual so rug up and bring lots of warm things to keep you cosy. We will be heating the venue, but it’s always better to be prepared.

  • Due to the crazy weather NZ has been experiencing lately, the venue may be very wet - so you might want to leave room for gumboots (but hopefully we get a gorgeous BOP weekend!).

  • Alcohol if you want it. 

What is the plan for childcare?

Our childcare team will be on site at the venue from 2pm on Friday 16th of June. You can feel free to bring your children there to meet the team any time from 2pm onwards.

If you do require childcare and we haven’t been in touch yet, please let us know asap at

Also, if your situation has changed and you do require child care now, please let us know via email and one of our childcare team will be in touch with you.