Our aim

To connect and inspire women who get shit done, across backgrounds, sectors, experience levels in Aotearoa New Zealand.

What’s an unconference?

At an unconference, there's no pre-set agenda. The plan for each camp will be built by our group of women on the first night and sessions are run informally based on what we want to share, discuss and learn. It's all about your interests and experiences.

The plan for each camp is created by everyone together. Whether it’s talking about something you’re passionate about, sharing a skill, or getting a group together to talk about a something you want to change in the world, everyone has something to add. You don’t need to prep in advance (unless you want to!). Sessions are informal. It’s all about sharing your interests and experiences.

Learn about how an unconference works and what to expect if you host a session.

Photo Cred: Jane Guy

Our story

We started out of a conversation at another unconference, KiwiFoo, followed by a tweet.

From there we had a group of women form around the idea, and we hosted our first event in June 2016. From our 360+ registrations of interest, we had 110 women & 10 kids come to our unconference, hosted just north of Wellington.

Everyone from CEOs to students to law firm partners to social sector advocates came. We asked them to rate it (of course, we're numbers nerds) and the result: 4.7/5.

Repeated highlights included the connections made and being inspired by other amazing women.

I learned that everything you need is already in the room, especially when that room is full of women who get shit done. This was the most child-friendly event I have ever attended. I left buzzing. Anon    

Eye opening, to be surrounded by such a diverse range of inspiring, driven and passionate women… It was freaking awesome. Completely blew my expectations out of the water. Mel Rowsell

Actually life changing. Anon

Stimulating, nurturing, challenging and fun: who would ever want to go to a conference when un-conferences have been invented? Anon

Amazing and empowering, I've never been surrounded by such authentic, brilliant people and as a young person, I feel very inspired. Anon    

It was a weekend of meeting friendly strangers and immediately getting into inspiring, deep conversations about Real Stuff. Beth Goodwin

Now, we want to do more. In 2017 we are aiming to have three events around New Zealand (and possibly the world). Want to help? Get in touch.


Our Manifesto

We wrote an Organisers Manifesto, to guide how and what we do.

We value diversity in ALL its forms. We consciously work to bring new voices and experiences to the table.

We promise to be positive, caring, and constructive. We get shit done, but take breaks too. We know we can do anything but not everything. We will be our quirky, gif-sharing selves.

WE PAY PEOPLE FOR THE WORK THEY DO! This includes ourselves. We recognise that unpaid labour unfairly excludes those who cannot afford to give away their time, taking away both opportunities, and the valuable contribution they can make. We value all voices.

We understand that everyone’s work time looks different. Some people work Monday to Friday. Some people get into their groove in evenings and on weekends. We want people to work when it suits them. We don’t expect immediate responses, or for people to sacrifice family and leisure time. We are trying to do things better and different.

We work collaboratively to solve complex problems. We embrace complex opportunities and rise up together to take advantage of them.

We believe the truth of your experiences. We are creating a safe space. We encourage vulnerability and courage. We try to listen more than we speak. We are kind and empathetic, both to others and to ourselves. We leave our egos at the door. We will make mistakes, but we will learn and grow as individuals and collectively through this. We support individual privacy and organisational transparency. We use technology to amplify what we do. We think open source principles are great. We share our methodology and learnings so others can replicate our work. We are excited, excitable, professional, and friendly.

We give a shit.


Why Women Only?

For a country that has historically been so progressive around gender equality, we’ve lost our mojo - it’s time to bring it back.


  • Women in NZ earn 12% less than men. It’s worse for Māori and Pasifika

  • Only 17% of NZX-listed companies’ board members are women.

  • Only 13% of senior roles are held by women and 54% of business have no women in senior management.



Throughout our society, women are disadvantaged—both economically and socially. This is especially true for women who also face oppression due to their race, age, gender identity, or sexuality.

Women face this every day, so we think it makes sense to get women together to kōrero. We believe culturally and generationally diverse women can come together, share experiences, and find new ways forward.

We believe that everyone (including men!) must be a part of solving these problems. However, sometimes those who are most impacted need time and space to discuss what the solutions could be, and to recharge and rest together. Women Who Get Shit Done brings a broad range of women’s voices together to challenge thinking, to share different perspectives, and to find new solutions.